EyeEnergy Proffie

419.99 BGN

Item Number: eeproffie

Track real-time consumption of three-phase electrical systems
Wifi and option Ethernet connection support.
Up to 100A of electrical current


Blueberry EyeEnergy Proffie is our most universal monitoring solution. It can measure energy consumption in three-phase systems, as well as single-phase systems with 2 additional electrical circuits, thanks to its three-channel measuring microprocessor supplied by industry-leader - Analoge Device.

Parameters and features::
  •  Accuracy tier < 1, three-phase electrical energy monitor up to 100A, that measures the following parameters separately for each phase: Energy (Е), Power (P), Current (I), voltage (V), cosinus (cos φ), frequency (F) , active & reactive energy in both directions
  •  Configurable to be used as a single-phase monitor with 2 additional measurement circuits or as 3 single-phase monitors
  •  Internal memory that holds hourly data for 4 different channels: active energy in all three phases, average voltage within the last year
  •  Two wiring options: direct (up to 60A) or indirect with external transformers (up to 100A)
  •  Display for visualizing total consumption or phase/circuit-specific energy consumption, power, current, voltage, frequency, cos ф.
  •  Internal clock with backup power supply
  •  Internal WiFi with an optional Ethernet adapter
   EyeEnergy Proffie must be installed by a professional, but the installation with external transformers (up to 100A) simplifies the process and cuts down labour costs.

Use cases:
EyeEnergy Proffie is a multifunctional electrical energy monitor and is targeted towards domestic customers with a three-phase power supply (or single-phase with 2 additional electrical circuits) and small business enterprises with power of up to 100kW. The ability of the device to measure the three phases separately allows customers to track the exact consumption of energy intensive consumers in the electrical system and their proportions to the total usage.

Technical specifications

Item Number
WiFi + Ethernet
Maximum current
up to 100A
Internal clock
Internal memory

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