Proffie X

Industry Ready

Designed to take care of all your industry-related needs


Accurate measurement of the three-phase electrical current going through your system


Detailed information about the state of your system, available on the device itself

Cloud Integrated

Real-time data and consumption history – all waiting for you in the Blueberry Cloud


Effortlessly connect to your device through your Wi-Fi network


In case wireless connections are not reliable enough, we’ve got you covered

Mobile Friendly

Convenient access to your data from both iOS and Android devices

Custom Tariffs

Precise price calculations, customizable to fit any electricity billing plan

Our most advanced monitoring solution

EyeEnergy Matrix was conceived with the industry in mind.

This means it has impressive technical specifications to handle the immense load most industry-processes entail.

Dive deeper into your enterprise

With our Report system, the EyeEnergy Matrix can help you get a more detailed look at how and when the electricity resources of your enterprise are being spent, which in turn can help increase overall efficiency.

Thresholds and Alarms

Receive immediate alerts based on possible irregularities and react
to them before it’s too late.

Customized Tariffs

It gets even better! Blueberry’s Custom Tariffs offer a modern solution for any business to accurately track its bill, consumption and more.

Blueberry Cloud integration

Monitor all your Blueberry devices in real time, study your historical data, create custom tariffs and much more.
All your data in a single point of interface

Improve your everyday life and enhance every cycle of your business.


Join our App!

A convenient way to keep track of your Blueberry devices on the go.

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