NB-Fi Protocol

Wide wireless coverage from state of the art tech.


Dust-proof and waterproof IP67 enclosure

Long Life

D-size battery for long operating lifetime

Two Meters

Connect your hot and cold meters with one device

Cloud Connected

Unified interface for all our products in the Blueberry Cloud

Adaptive Speed

Adaptive data rate from 50 to 25,600 bit/s

Intuitive to Install

Our devices come all ready to be a part if your home.
Follow our instructions for an easy installation.

Connecting it to your wifi is easier than ever before with our screen guide.

Black or white,
suited for your Home

Blueberry Cloud integration

Monitor all your Blueberry devices in real time, study your historical data, create custom tariffs and much more.
All your data in a single point of interface

Improve your everyday life and enhance every cycle of your business.


Join our App!

A convenient way to keep track of your Blueberry devices on the go.

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