The Challenge?

People are often deceived that our water supply is infinite. However, with salt water making 97.5% of the Earth’s water resources it is quite the opposite. In Europe the estimated water losses through leaks range between 20% and 70%. This creates the need for more water to cover losses and in turn the need for more energy to pump and deliver water. Conserving water means using water wisely and responsibly and this is a step we must all take to protect our planet and help our future generations.

Our Solution?

Blueberry takes this issue to heart and joins the move to a greener future by presenting EyeWater. Our smart meters offer IP67 protection and transmit data through NB-FI, a ultramodern low power, long range transmission protocol. This level of versatility and durability allows these devices to fit a variety of use cases and allow your data to securely reach our Unified Cloud Interface.

Your Benefit.

Conserving water is an inherently hard task, however a smart metering grid allows for predictive maintenance to take place. Thresholds and reporting will provide you, as our end user, with information you need to spot irregularities and foresee problems. Additionally, with our high precision cloud data, leakages will be easy to track and in turn to resolve. This Cloud Integration would also allow providers to gain maximum flexibility by adapting their pricing and tariffs in order to match seasonal demand and fluctuations in the market. Consecutively, providing a solution for these issues paves the way for reduced energy costs and enables the automation of consumption based on your energy and bill.