The Challenge?

High emissions from energy sources is no longer a new problem. However, with some sources being inherently bad emitters and others being ineffective by design the carbon footprint’s effects are increasingly felt. This issue is further fueled by poor energy management both by utility companies and end users, all while keeping operation costs high.

Our Solution?

Our EyeEnergy line directly targets these issues and allows users to manage their energy proactively. Blueberry’s modern metering solutions provide highly detailed information that can be interacted with and explored in various contexts through our unified Cloud Dashboard.

Your Benefit.

With an effective energy metering infrastructure energy waste can be brought to a minimum. You, as our end user, will be able to make informed decisions allowing you to cut down needless energy consumption. Additionally your bill will no longer be a mystery. With full bill transparency you will have greater control over your use and be able to negotiate better rates. For utility companies a smart metering grid means pinpointing the point of concern and reacting to outages even before they are reported. This in turn will drop operational costs and drive down energy rates for the end users. Additionally, costs can be further reduced with remote readings, which eliminates the need for physical readings and benefits the privacy of the end user.